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Meet The Brothers

Watch our team show off some of their favorite projects they’ve created for clients.

Jonathan brings over 8 years of Direct Response Marketing experience to the table. He's generated over 50,000 leads which have led to hundreds of thousands in revenue for his clients. 

"The biggest thing I've learned from my 8 years of marketing is, no one client is the same. There is no one size fit all solution for your business and that's what makes us different. We take the time to figure what makes you unique, and share that with your community. Helping local business owners thrive is one the most fulfilling things I can do with my skills!" 

Co-Founder and Head Of Business Development and Sales  


Joshua started out at a big 4 accounting firm and earned his CPA before he was 25. He’s consulted for companies all over Asia Pacific. He has experience working with companies in the jewelry and flooring industry to companies in the ecommerce and travel businesses. He’s fluent in Mandarin and English 

The Battle Plan

Codename: Operation Local Celeb

"In strategy, the longest way round is often the shortest way home..." ~ Sun Tzu  

 Codename: Operation Local Celeb

The sole objective of Operation Local Celeb is to make you and your business famous on social media in your community. See, what we havve found is, people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Even though your potential clients may have never met you in person, after we implement this strategy, they'll think they've known you for years! 

Here how we do that... 

Social Media Domination

If your social media presence isn't up to par with your competition's you can bet...

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Bulletproof Business

Are you collecting your client's emails? 

If you do, you'll love this...

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Welcome To My World 

"Hello, my name is Dr...

Welcome to my world!" 

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Fearless First Impressions

Are you wanting to make a jaw dropping first impression? Then this part of our strategy is for you... 

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Our Case Studies

Winnetka Dental Group

"Getting us to #1 rank on Facebook Search..."

All-Stars Club

"they are awesome for Social Media Services..."